Factors That Can Effect The Lifespan Of A Label

Having a good label on your product helps it look good and stand out well amongst similar products. The wrong label will leave you with a label that falls off the packaging, cracks, crumbles and loses colour. It’s important to make sure that the product is presentable and provides the proper information necessary for the packaging. Knowing the importance of a good label can affect the lifespan of a label.

Adhesive material

It’s important to know what type of product you have, where this product will be stored, what kind of adhesive would best suit it and the kind of packaging you have. If the product is shampoo, then the label and adhesive chosen must be better suited for a steamy bathroom. The adhesive used should make sense for your product and the packaging.

Sunlight and heat

Some adhesives suffer when exposed to light or heat. The colours on the label begin to fade and the surface of the label can contort. The rays from sunlight can break down the chemical bonds found in the adhesive and the ink used on the label. This will essentially cause a bleaching effect on the label.


Many labels don’t fare well when it comes to being exposed to water or moisture. Fluids can be absorbed by the label and distort the labels and sometimes even cause the label to fall off the packaging.


3000 labels min. order quantity per label



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