What Is A Package Label?

A package label is simply packaging used for the labelling of the product. The label applied to the package to indicate product specifications, its contents, health, and safety guidelines, branding or even contact details.

This is the custom packaging designed to meet the needs of one specific product. When using package labels the packaging will contain more information than other product labels. This includes information such as manufacturer’s information, name, and specifications of the product, ingredients that the product contains, instructions of use and storage, shelf life, allergy information, nutritional content and batch tracking information.

Certain products are required by law, to provide specific information on the packaging of the product before the item can be sold. These products may also need to be labelled with specific details about the materials and ingredients that are used to manufacture the product. These specifications such as health and safety warnings and allergy information are important to ensuring that consumers know and understand what they are buying.

Packaging labels need to be durable as they act as product packaging and the labelling. The packaging needs to be able to seal the product, prevent it from seeping or escaping the packaging. It also needs to be permanent labelling that allows the labelling to remain on the packaging for as long as the packaging is kept. This method of packaging is common around foods as food and drink companies have certain legal requirements that they need to fulfil on their packaging.


3000 labels min. order quantity per label



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