The difference between a brand and a label

Brand Labeling

Brands and labels are two concepts that are often used interchangeably. This is because they both act as proper nouns that identify a business which sells branded/labelled products. For example, Nike may be referred to as both a brand and a label; while this use of the terms is culturally correct, these two words have … Read more

3 Problems that may arise with printed labels

NV Printers is a proud organization that fulfils the highest calibre of standards pertaining to advertising, marketing and branding initiatives for printing solutions. Printed labels have the distinct advantages of emphasizing branding initiatives and the reduction of waste and labour-intensive activities in the business. Here are 3 Problems that may arise with printed labels: 1.The … Read more

A Guide to Label Production from design to printed form

Label production is the process that follows many steps between designing and printing the final label. These steps are very important to the process as they ensure that the final product is suitable according to certain regulations, as well as the specifications set out by the customer. Below is an outline of the step by … Read more

5 Useful Tips To Consider When Creating a Brochure


A brochure is a great marketing tool, but if it is not created properly it could be a waste of time. There are a few things that need to be considered in order to create an effective brochure that is attractive to your target audience. Follow these tips in the creation of your brochure: Understand … Read more

Different Type Of Labels

Blank Labels

Labels are a part of branding and product identification. The label on a product must communicate the brand’s identity and values. This step allows consumers to become familiar with the brand. It defines what the product is and what it contains and it allows companies to comply with the law. There are different types of packaging labels available. … Read more

What Is A Package Label?

Brand Labeling

A package label is simply packaging used for the labelling of the product. The label applied to the package to indicate product specifications, its contents, health, and safety guidelines, branding or even contact details. This is the custom packaging designed to meet the needs of one specific product. When using package labels the packaging will … Read more

Factors That Can Effect The Lifespan Of A Label

Note Labeling

Having a good label on your product helps it look good and stand out well amongst similar products. The wrong label will leave you with a label that falls off the packaging, cracks, crumbles and loses colour. It’s important to make sure that the product is presentable and provides the proper information necessary for the packaging. … Read more

The Benefits Of An Effective Printed Label

labeling ink

There are many competitors in the market environment fighting for the attention of consumers. The success of your company boils down to how effective your marketing is. Part of this marketing is your printed label. Having an effective printed label is highly beneficial to your company. It can mean the difference between making a sale and not. We’ve put together … Read more

How To Design The Perfect Label

Brand Labeling

The importance of creating a good label that will stand out and fit your brand values cannot be further emphasised. Along with advertising the brand needs to lure the customers in with its charm. There are plenty of products that line the shelves of shops and markets but you want your label to draw the … Read more


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