Different Type Of Labels

Labels are a part of branding and product identification. The label on a product must communicate the brand’s identity and values. This step allows consumers to become familiar with the brand. It defines what the product is and what it contains and it allows companies to comply with the law. There are different types of packaging labels available.

Brand label

A brand label is when the brand is the only thing used on the packaging of the product. This could be a brand name or logo as the product is known by its brand. There is no extended information of the production on the label except its brand name.

Grade label

Grade labels are the type of labels that show the quality or grade of the product. This is measured by the aspects and features of the product. They consider the various basis of quality that will justify the grade of the product.


Descriptive labels give information about the product. This can be anything from the features of the product, using instructions, how to handle the product, ingredients and other aspects of the product.  This is specific to the product’s usage.


Similar to descriptive labelling, informative labelling provides information about the product. This can be the usage methods and security of the product. This type of labelling also extends to the name of the producer, manufactured date and name of an intermediary. Descriptive labelling provides general information about the product whereas informative labels give maximum information about the product, its use and manufacturing.


3000 labels min. order quantity per label



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